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Practical Energy Savings for Buildings
October 18, 20, 25 (6-8 pm each evening) - $95+GST

This three-part course will focus on how to calculate a building’s carbon footprint, the efficiency revolution, integrated building design and the energy consumption in Alberta buildings.  Electricity and heating solutions will be covered so you can SAVE energy and ultimately money in your home or office.
Instructor: Godo Stoyke

Solar Home Design – Heating with the Sun
October 28 (6:30-9:30 pm) - $75+GST

This class explains the basic principles and techniques of passive solar design. It includes a checklist for building a “solar-ready” house.  Energy efficient building envelope construction techniques and deep energy retrofits will be covered along with an example of what can be done with an existing building.
Instructor:  Rob Harlan

Solar Electricity
November 18 (6:30-9:30 pm) - $75+GST

This class will provide an overview of utility inter-tie, as well as off-grid, photovoltaic systems.  The principles of system design will be discussed along with an introduction to basic system components.   System performance and maintenance issues will be explained. Sources for equipment and further information will be provided.
Instructor: Rob Harlan

Off-Grid Solar Systems
December 2 (6:30-8:30 pm) - $75+GST

This course will cover stand-alone solar system design including load assessment, component sizing and appropriate equipment choices. Details concerning battery care and safety will be offered along with guidance regarding back-up generators. Students will get a sense of the on-going system maintenance and lifestyle requirements of off-grid living. 
Instructor: Rob Harlan

About the Instructors

Godo Stoyke is an award-winning environmental researcher/presenter and president of Carbon Busters, a sustainability consultancy focusing on energy efficiency, green & zero carbon design, sustainability strategy & environmental education.

Rob Harlan is the Executive Director of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta and teaches Renewable Energy at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton.

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