Live Green, Give Green 2009 — Support Alberta Ecotrust!

Not long ago you received an invitation to join us in supporting the many caring Albertans who work to protect Alberta's precious natural assets — its fresh water, clean air, and world-renowned wilderness and wildlife. As those of you who have accepted our invitation already know, a donation to our Live Green, Give Green! campaign is a terrific way to feel good by doing good.

For those who are still considering a donation, remember that your gift will not only make you a part of the growing community of Albertans who are helping protect their world-class environment, but that your donation will be doubled by a matching contribution from the province's Community Spirit Program if received by December 31.

Alberta Ecotrust is unique in Canada: it is the only organization in the country founded specifically as a partnership between businesses and environmental non-profit groups with the goal of raising money and making grants for environmental projects. At its heart is a remarkable community of concerned individuals who understand the value of giving to causes that conserve those gifts from the Earth we all cherish but can no longer take for granted.

An Alberta Ecotrust grant or workshop can change the lives and opportunities of those who struggle year after year to make a difference. Regardless of its size, your contribution will make a difference too!

  • Consider the story of Devin Larsen, a young man volunteering for The Clear Hills Watershed Initiative near Grande Prairie. Devin rides on horseback to remote areas to collect water samples, compile data and prepare reports that assist his local stewardship group engage area residents in protecting the sensitive regions of their watershed.
  • Or the work of the Land Stewardship Centre, where people like Brian Ilnicki assist acreage and hobby farm owners manage their property sustainably by protecting and restoring the land's natural assets.
  • Or the efforts of the Oldman Watershed Council, which is working with the Wildlife Conservation Society of Canada and Dr. John Weaver to restore beaver in Southwest Alberta and demonstrate the helpful role beaver play in conserving water and riverside habitats during climate change.

One of the lessons we've learned over the years is that most Albertans really do want to live green. Yet they struggle with action, simply because they don't know where to start or who to go to for help. Live Green, Give Green! is a great way to begin: one donation helps many people and organizations.

For those who have already given, please accept our sincere and heartfelt thanks — we know these are hard economic times, and so are doubly appreciative of every gift we can share with Albertans. And for those of you still on the fence, we renew our invitation to give green. Your gift will enable the kind of work that is so critical to the health and prosperity of all Albertans.

From all of us to all of you, thank you for your concern, your caring, your generosity and your investment in living and giving green. Enjoy a Merry Christmas and our very best for a healthy, prosperous, and green New Year!

With gratitude,

Pat Letizia and the Alberta Ecotrust team