Environmental Direct Action Network: Upcoming Events

Direct Action Training
September 25th & 26th, Saturday & Sunday (staring at 9 am)

Direct action is a dynamic, exciting and powerful form of protest. Tactics range from stickering and market action, to tree blockades and lock downs. Learn the skills that will help you change corporate and government policies now, from experienced, knowledgeable and passionate representatives from the Environmental Direct Action Network, Rainforest Action Network and Forest Ethics. Join us for this two-day workshop on inspiration, learning and empowerment.

Location: Progressive Academy gymnasium (13212 106 Avenue), Edmonton.
Cost: FREE.
Contact: [email protected] and visit www.democracyproject.ca for more info.

Ralph Klein On Trial!
September 27th, Monday @ 12:00-1:00pm

Ralph Klein gets put on trial for his role in lowering the standard of living of the average Albertan and for degrading the environment of Alberta. We need YOU to come and testify. Share your story on why Ralph Klein has been a blessing or a curse.

Location: Sacred Heart School Gymnasium (9624-108 Avenue), Edmonton.
Contact: [email protected] if you want to help out, testify or know of someone to administrate the proceedings (judge, or lawyer).

Environmental Rally at the Alberta Legislature
October 3rd, Sunday @ 2:00 pm

General Environmental Rally and multi-faith healing of the Legislature. Join representatives from Edmonton's environmental, health, education, and
cultural communities in a rally to demonstrate Alberta's commitment to a healthy environment and their concern for its future. Ralph Klein, our
current premier, has consistently demonstrated his disregard for these concerns in his support for environmentally degrading policies. This
disregard has amounted to gross negligence toward the people and the environment. Featuring the interim government of Alberta and the judgement
of Ralph Klein's government for gross negligence toward the People and the
Environment, the rally will also include a healing of the legislature to remove the taint of undemocratic actions from this symbol of equal representation and transparency. Kid-friendly and tons of fun, we encourage you to bring the whole family and whichever noise makers, signs, and seating you think are appropriate to this enthusiastic assertion of our rights as citizens.

Location: Alberta Legislature.
Cost: FREE.
Contact: Lucero, 433-9048 or [email protected]
Website: http://www.democracyproject.ca/EDAN/

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