Environmental Direct Action Network Present Delegates With Environmental Awards

Yesterday, member of the Environmental Direct Action Network (EDAN) presented awards to forestry giants Weyerhauser and Wellwood for their continuing destruction of Alberta’s forest. The awards were presented as delegates ate their supper at the Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) conference in Jasper National Park.

“There will be no more business as usual,” said Leah Hederson EDAN member. “Every minute another 5 acres of forest is cut down because of the policies of these companies. That isn’t something that I want and I don’t believe it is something the majority of Albertans want.”

The group gave out three awards. Weyerhauser was presented with the clear cutter of the year award due. Wellwood was presented with the habitat destroyer of the month award and the AFPA was presented with a life-time achievement award for destroying forests since 1963.

“Alberta’s Boreal forest is a key in regulating climate change. The boreal is the largest carbon storage facility in the world with its destruction we compound an already dire situation,” said Casey another EDAN member. “90% of all logging done in the boreal is through clear cuts. There is no way these companies can say that is sustainable.”

The award presentation caps a week of activities by a variety of environmental groups in the area. Over the four-day conference over 25 members of 4 different local and international organizations including: EDAN, the Rainforest Action Network, and Forest Ethics performed a variety of events to bring attention to this growing problem.

For more information contact:

Leah Henderson from the Environmental Direct Action Network at 438-2738
Jessica Bell from the Rainforest Action Network at 415 720 0473