ENGO response to Edmonton Journal story on the Capital Region Fine Particulate Response

The Edmonton Journal published a story on the release of the Capital Region Fine Particulate Response. Bill Calder of the Prairie Acid Rain Coalition, who is quoted in the story and served as ENGO delegate to the Committee that developed the response, posted the following response to the story.

Public pressure is imperative

Re: "City air pollution exceeds limits," Feb. 4

This story shines a useful light on a serious health and environmental problem. In it, I'm cited as saying that "stronger action will certainly follow in the next two years to reduce the pollution." Strong new actions are needed to meet the stan-dard as targeted by 2017 and to continuously improve. As an environmental member of the advisory committee, I'll be doing my best to ensure the required actions are taken, but I can't guarantee they will be.

The best safeguard is public awareness and pressure. The Alberta government's response requires annual public reporting on air quality levels and the actions taken to meet and stay within the standard.

It is imperative we hold governments and industry to account on this, as well as contributing to reduced emissions in our driving and lifestyle choices.

Our health and good air quality depend upon it.

Bill Calder, Sherwood Park