Discussion Paper: Establishing an Edmonton Regional Land Trust

The Legacy Lands Conservation Society, Land Stewardship Centre and Natural Areas Advsory Committee, of Edmonton, Alberta jointly commissioned a background report and discussion paper describing and evaluating models and experiences of successful urban land trusts from across North America. Our purpose was to apply lessons learned to the Edmonton context and suggest an implementation schedule and recommendation for the establishment of an Edmonton region urban conservation land trust. The paper has been forwarded to Edmonton's Conservation Coordinator for use in reporting to the Executive Committee, of Edmonton City Council, on establishing a Public Land Trust as a tool for conserving and protecting natural ecosystems and green spaces in Edmonton and area. We hope to stimulate public discussion, interest and participation in what we see as an essential requirement for long-term conservation and liveable cities.

The paper is available for download at:

http://www.aenweb.ca/files/public/Edmonton Land Trust Report.pdf

For more information please feel free to contact the Legacy Lands Conservation Society at [email protected]