Cheviot Hearing in Hinton

The Alberta Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) will finally hold its hearing
to listen to Ben Gadd’s appeal of the approvals issued by Alberta
Environment in December 2003 for the Cheviot haulroad development located
adjacent to Jasper National Park. Substantial new information will come
forward at the hearing as this type of development was initially rejected
by the companies and hence, was not considered in the previous reviews of
the Cheviot mine application.

January 24 – 25, 2005
8:00 am to 6:00 pm each day

Hinton, Alberta
Crestwood Hotel, 678 Carmichael Lane
(On the north side of the Yellowhead Highway through town, towards the west end).

Open to the public for viewing. No additional submissions will be accepted
by the EAB.


Ben Gadd, author of the Handbook of the Canadian Rockies, guides trips in
the area now being marred by the start of the mine. A group of Cadomin
residents are also intervening in support of the appeal. In order to
appeal the approvals and be heard at the hearing, Gadd and the Cadomin
group have already successfully proven to the EAB that they are directly
affected by the development.

The EAB has the jurisdiction to revoke the approvals, to amend them, for
example requiring that Elk Valley Coal Corp. and its parent companies put
in various new mitigation measures, or to leave the approvals as is.

The Sierra Club of Canada and the Pembina Institute for Appropriate
Development, while not permitted by Alberta’s rules to appeal the approvals
themselves, are assisting Ben Gadd by providing expertise for his appeal.

For More Information:

Jennifer Klimek, legal council for Ben Gadd, Edmonton, (780) 468-1843
Ben Gadd, Jasper, (780) 852-4012
Dianne Pachal, Sierra Club of Canada, Calgary, (403) 234-7368

Other Contacts:
Alberta Environmental Appeals Board, (780) 427-6207