CEN Weekly e-Bulletin -- October 1, 2004

The October 1st issue of the Canadian Environmental Network's Weekly E-Bulletin is now available at the CEN website.


  • Call for Delegates

    1. Workshop on Possible Amendments to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations under the Fisheries Act

    2. Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of
      Hazardous Wastes

  • Announcements

    1. Steering Committee elections for CEN Caucuses

    2. ICUCEC case against nuclear development

    3. Ecological Footprints of Canadian Municipalities and Regions

    4. Canadian Environment Awards calls on Canadian public for
      nominations in 2005

  • Events

    1. CEN Annual Conference on the Environment

    2. International Caucus Events in Montreal

    3. Great Lakes Regional Data Exchange (RDX) Conference

    4. Building Blocks of Facilitation with Julian Griggs

  • Employment

    1. Aquaculture Campaigner, Clayoquot Sound