CEN e-Bulletin: International Biodiversity Day 2009 Events

Network News — May 6th, 2009

Participate in International Biodiversity Day Events near you!

The RCEN has selected eleven member groups to plan a series of educational activities around the International Day for Biodiversity (IDB) on May 22nd. The theme for IDB 2009 is Invasive Alien Species. This year, there are special events and activities planned in all ten provinces and in the Yukon. More…

RCEN “Living History” Tour Begins

This spring and summer, the RCEN is supporting an exciting project in order to capture its living history on tape. Starting on May 6th, two university students will be crossing Canada by bicycle - from Victoria to St. John’s - to film a documentary about water issues and to interview members of the Network. More…

2009 Annual General Assembly:


Register by May 8 to get a pre-reserved room at MacEwan Residence. More…

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