CEN e-Bulletin — Earth Day: April 22, 2009

Network News — April 22nd, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day: Volunteer at the RCEN!

The RCEN is currently conducting a volunteer drive to recruit members for participation in 7 National Caucus Steering Committees and for 2 seats on our National Council.

RCEN Caucus Steering Committees

Members are invited to join the Steering Committees of the following national caucuses: Agriculture; Atmosphere & Energy; Forest; Health; Mining; Water, Fisheries and Oceans; and Toxics. Nominate yourself to become an important part of Caucus decision-making and help plan future caucus activities! The deadline is April 22nd. Read More

Two National Council Positions

The RCEN National Council, a representative body that elects the Board of Directors each year at our Annual General Meeting, currently has two openings, one Aboriginal seat and one Francophone seat. If you are Aboriginal or Francophone, and would like to volunteer join the National Council, please send us your nominations before May 15th. Read More

Thank you to all existing RCEN volunteers and Happy Earth Day to all!

Register for the 2009 RCEN Annual General Assembly

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