Call for Input: Alberta Environmental Monitoring System

Alberta Environmental Monitoring System
31 May 2011

While this is not a hard deadline, the Panel is expected to issue its report & recommendations in June 2011. Please make your submisssions ASAP.

Alberta’s independent Environmental Monitoring Panel is tasked with developing recommendations for a world-class environmental monitoring evaluation and reporting system.

The new system will be province-wide with an initial focus on water, air, land and biodiversity monitoring in the Lower Athabasca River Basin. The Panel would like to hear from Albertans on what they believe a world-class environmental monitoring and reporting system would include.

Comments and input to the Panel will be considered as the Panel develops its recommendations.

There are three ways for Albertans to participate in the engagement process:

  1. Attend: Come to a public meeting and provide input in person. Registration is not mandatory, but it is encouraged for planning purposes to ensure presenters have adequate time before the Panel. To register for time before the Panel, click here.
  2. Comment: Provide feedback to a list of questions posed by the Panel. To comment on the Panel’s questions, click here.
  3. Submit: Provide a formal submission on behalf of yourself or your organization for the Panel’s consideration. To submit a PDF, click here.

The Panel encourages open and transparent communication and sharing of information. All formal submissions will be listed on the website and may be read by visitors to the site, as well as by Panel members. Submissions containing disrespectful language or foul comments will not be posted.