Call for Comments: Off-Stream Reservoir Project Proposed Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment

Alberta Transportation Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project Proposed Terms of Reference for Environmental Impact Assessment
14 Nov 2014

Public Notice

The Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project was identified as a part of the Government of Alberta’s 2014 flood mitigation study. It is located at legal land location 24-24-4-W5M in Rocky View County, 11 kilometres west of Calgary and 18.5 kilometres upstream from the Glenmore Reservoir. This Project considers diverting extreme flood flow from the Elbow River into an off-stream reservoir where it would be temporarily contained and later released back into the Elbow River after the flood peak has passed. The Project, also known as the Springbank Off-Stream Storage Project, includes a diversion structure constructed across the Elbow River and a diversion channel excavated through the adjacent uplands to transport flood water into an off-stream reservoir. The reservoir site includes an earth-fill dam to temporarily contain the diverted flood water and a low level outlet structure incorporated into the dam to later release the stored water back into the Elbow River.

The Director responsible for Environmental Assessment has directed that an Environmental Impact Assessment Report be prepared for the Project. Alberta Transportation has prepared a proposed Terms of Reference for this Environmental Impact Assessment, and through this public notice, invites the public to review this document. Any comments filed concerning the proposed Terms of Reference will be accessible to the public.

The proposed Terms of Reference can be viewed at the following locations:

For further information on the Springbank Off-Stream Reservoir Project or copies of the proposed Terms of Reference and associated project information please contact:

Mark Svenson Provincial Transportation Environmental Coordinator
2nd Floor, Twin Atria Building
4999 98 Avenue
Edmonton Alberta
T6B 2X3
Phone: 780-644-8354
| Fax: 780-422-2027
Email: [email protected]

Individuals wishing to provide written comments on the proposed Terms of Reference must submit them by November 14, 2014 to:

Director, Environmental Assessment, Operations Division
Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
111 Twin Atria Building 
4999 98 Avenue
Edmonton Alberta T6B 2X3
Fax: 780-422-4086
Email: [email protected]