Alberta Wildlife Status Reports: Western Grebe & Hare-footed Locoweed

Alberta Environment & Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) and the Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) have published two new Alberta Wildlife Status Reports:

Two new reports in the Alberta Wildlife Status Report Series are now available online: Status of the Western Grebe in Alberta (Update 2012) and Status of the Hare-footed Locoweed in Alberta.  You can view and download these reports from ACA’s website or ESRD’s species at risk website.

Alberta Wildlife Status Reports are published and distributed by Alberta Conservation Association and Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.  Status reports provide detailed and current information that is useful for managing populations of species and their habitats in Alberta.  As well, these reports are used by Alberta’s Endangered Species Conservation Committee for identifying species that may be formally designated as Endangered or Threatened under Alberta’s Wildlife Act.