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Moving Forward from Bill 29

Following the withdrawal of the draft Alberta Parks Act, the Alberta Wilderness Association has posted its letter to the Alberta Minister of Tourism, Parks, and Recreation (pdf) in order to "emphasize those critical elements which must form the basis of any parks legislation." Read More

ELC Submission regarding Nexen Inc. Water Act Notice of Application

The Environmental Law Centre has posted its statement of concern to Alberta Environment regarding the applications of Nexen under the Water Act to build a water pipeline to the Long Lake Project from the Clearwater River.  

The project proposed by Nexen at this time significantly differs from the original project. Accordingly, this is an important opportunity for the Minister to re-consider, using the powers under the Water Act whether the project is still in the public interest.  Moreover, this is an important opportunity for the Director to consider whether there is sufficient information on environmental effects, and whether the potential environmental impact merits rejection of the application in light of the difference between this proposal and the original application made to the ERCB.

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