Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment

Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment (AHPE) is a working group of the Alberta Environmental Network. We are dedicated to advancing environmental health awareness and advocacy by activating Alberta's health community.

Comprised of health organizations from various health fields, we strive to promote sustainable practices and policies to safeguard both public health and the environment for our and future generations of Albertans.

Currently the triple planetary crisis of pollution causing climate change, biodiversity loss, and harm to the air, water and soil is believed to be the greatest long-term threat to the future and current generations of humans and all other life forms on Earth (planetary health). 

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness about the interconnections between environmental pollution and human health, and the health of the planet, by empowering health professionals, patients and the public to activate, advocate for and implement practices to reduce environmental pollution in their workplaces, communities and broader society.

Who Are We?

Members of the Alberta Health Professionals for the Environment Working Group are drawn from a diverse range of organizations within the healthcare sector. These organizations represent nursing, pharmacy, medicine, public health, health-related charities, and allied health professions and workers. Comprised of dedicated health and healthcare professionals, academics, and subject matter experts, AHPE brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this much needed space. Take a look at our AHPE Working Group Member's Directory.

AHPE Group Member's Directory

What We Do

  • Education and Awareness: We work with our member organizations to provide resources for health professionals, patients and the public about the environmental pollution's impact on planetary health, how to integrate sustainability into their daily life, and how to advocate for broader societal policies to reduce our pollution and sustain the planet.
  • Advocacy: We work with health professional organizations to build consensus and unify advocacy from the health sector for societal policies and initiatives that reduce environmental pollution and for our organizations and members to be internally consistent with these policies. 
  • Collaboration: We collaborate with other provincial, national, and international organizations, within the health sector, the environmental advocacy community and broader society to amplify our impact and effect positive change.

The AHPE is dedicated to providing health professionals, patients and the public with access to reliable resources to help  understand the connections between environmental pollution and planetary health. We believe that informed health sector, patients and public are empowered to make changes. Our resources are designed to outline the known connections between pollution harming the environment and health, and to provide guidance on how you can protect your well-being, that of future generations and the planet.

Soon, we will be launching a comprehensive database of resources and downloadable materials, including informative brochures and guides. 

What We Offer:

  • Resource Database: Access a wealth of information on how environmental factors can impact your health, that of future generations and the planet including short summaries, posters, links to credible articles, guides, and more. AHPE resources focus on what you can do!
  • Downloadable Materials: Download brochures and materials covering a range of topics related to environmental health, wellness, and sustainability.
  • Healthy Living Tips: Discover simple steps you can take to create a healthier home environment, reduce pollutions, and live more sustainably.



Find downloadable material, currently including:

  • Patient Brochure

Coming Soon:

Stay tuned for the launch of our resource database and more downloadable materials. We need to work together to make informed decisions about our health, that of future generations and the planet.

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