Advancing an Energy Transition in Alberta

An energy transition is underway around the globe as the energy sector is moving away from energy production using fossil fuels to production primarily using renewable sources like wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass, and solar. 

Alberta is also currently moving away from the current energy model, where Albertans fear transitioning off fossil fuels will mean massive job loss, widespread economic strain, and social disruption. There is a lot of uncertainty about how the Albertan economy will survive, especially in rural areas, and how people will afford the cost of living. 

However, with its abundance of natural resources, highly skilled workforce, and ability to innovate, Alberta is well positioned to be a world leader in equitably transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

“Advancing a Just Transition in Alberta” is a proactive approach to economic, environmental, and social policy that aims to create an equitable and prosperous future for all including workers, communities, and Indigenous Peoples in Alberta as we shift to a low-carbon economy that is regenerative, caring, and circular.

Advancing an Energy Transition in Alberta

The purpose of this project is to drive coalition building, public will, and community mobilization to advance an energy transition to a low-carbon economy in Alberta. The Alberta Environmental Network’s end goals include:

  • to support an engaged, literate, organized and mobilized citizenry that:
    • demands an Energy Transition to a low-carbon economy
    • demands clear direction and accountability from provincial leaders in all sectors
    • comprises of diverse sectors supporting a collective effort to shift the province to clean energy and new kinds of jobs in Alberta and supports for workers
  • a time-line and plan for transitioning off fossil fuels from the provincial government


Energy Transition Working Group

The Alberta Environmental Network, in partnership with Iron & Earth, has formed an Energy Transition Working Group consisting of diverse individuals, communities, and organizations that are working to develop opportunities to advance a Just Transition in Alberta. This group meets to strengthen positive climate action efforts through discussion of the current landscape, strategizing possible opportunities, building connections and networking, and sharing events, projects, and related work. If you or your organization/ community is interested in participating in this working group, use the contact form.

Energy Transition Task Force

This Energy Transition Task Force will consist of climate-engaged Albertans (not necessarily affiliated with an environmental group) who are interested in supporting AEN’s Energy Transition work. 


Preet Kang

Energy Transition Campaigner