Say YES! to Bighorn Country

Nestled between Banff and Jasper National Park, the Bighorn is a spectacular piece of wilderness. It’s where grizzly bears roam and harlequin ducks float down pristine streams that provide 90 percent of the water supply for the North Saskatchewan River.

The efforts of many have kept the Bighorn a treasure; for more than 50 years, AWA has been part of the effort to conserve the Bighorn with everything from garbage cleanup, hiking and equestrian trail maintenance, to monitoring and research.

The Alberta Government’s recent proposal to create Bighorn Country will help ensure this conservation legacy is protected. Modeled after Kananaskis, a mix of protected areas will ensure the core wilderness is protected, there are opportunities for camping and recreation; and so that nearby industrial development and motorized recreation is managed.

The Government wants to hear that there is support for Bighorn Country before they go any further with the proposal - the future of the Bighorndepends on you!

Please write a letter and say YES! to Bighorn Country!

Take Action

  1. We've created a quick online letter to help you send your thoughts about the concept of Bighorn Country to the consultation team and your local representative -  it will only take a minute and is available at;
  2. Have comments on specific parts of Bighorn Country that you’d like to send? The government survey (open until Jan 31) is a great way to provide detailed feedback and will take a bit more time to complete; or
  3. Send your own email or letter to [email protected]

You can read AWA's letter here

You can find more details on the proposal here