Ready to Ramp Up the Pressure on Grassy Mtn?

From the AWA's Action Alert:

The Joint Review Panel on the Grassy Mountain Coal Project is scheduled to submit its report to the federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change by no later than June 18, 2021. That’s less than one month away and it’s possible the JRP report could land on Minister Wilkinson’s desk before then.

Another clock starts ticking the day the Minister receives the JRP’s report. The Minister will then have up to 150 days (five months) to issue a Decision Statement about the project. This means that a Decision Statement about Grassy Mountain could be released at around the same time that Alberta’s Coal Consultation Committee is due to submit its report to Energy Minister Sonya Savage – November 15, 2021.

AWA thinks it’s imperative to start to organize now for the day when the JRP report is submitted to the Minister. We want to do what we can to be part of a flood of emails, phone calls, letters, and faxes Minister Wilkinson will receive within hours/days of the release of the JRP report.

In doing so we will reinforce the “No to Grassy” message that thousands of Canadians gave to the Joint Review Panel during its hearings. Thousands? Absolutely. More than 4,400 individuals left comments about the Grassy Coal Project on the Impact Assessment Agency’s public registry. A stunning 98 percent of those comments came from people opposed to Grassy Mountain. Only 69 of 4,411 comments supported the project. Grassy Mountain, in AWA’s mind, is clearly an issue where public and scientific opinion walk hand in hand.

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