Please Complete the Alberta Government’s Coal Consultation Survey

From the Alberta Wilderness Association website:

It’s imperative to complete the government’s survey on coal if you are concerned about the future of Alberta’s Eastern Slopes. The link to the survey is on this webpageThe deadline for submitting your response is April 19th.

Please be sure that, if there are teenagers and children in your household, they know they can complete the survey too. Their age category – 18 and under is specified in the last few personal information questions. Their opinions should matter. It’s their future that’s at stake here.

The survey isn’t as objective as it should be. It’s about “coal development,” not about the future of the Eastern Slopes. Nonetheless it’s vital for everyone to make time to complete it and to try to make it about the Eastern Slopes. One of the disappointments in Minister Savage’s announcement of her Coal Policy Committee was the fact no terms of reference for the committee were released. This survey might help shape those terms.

What follows are some ideas based on how AWA responded to the survey’s questions. Whether you find these ideas valuable or not, AWA hopes your answers will help build the strong case that new coal mining shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in Alberta’s Rockies and Foothills. Not anywhere…period.

Read more on the AWA website