#DefendABParks Rally from Home

From the CPAWS Facebook event:

Join us to #DefendABParks by participating in our Rally from Home all day on Friday, April 17. Call your MLA from home while wearing gear for your favorite outdoor activity or setting up camp in your living room!

Let your MLA know that you do not support the changes to Alberta Parks. You can find your MLA's contact information here: https://streetkey.elections.ab.ca/ or by calling 310 000

If you can't get through, leave a message!

Post a photo or story on social media and use the hashtag #DefendABParks. By tagging CPAWS Northern Alberta or CPAWS Southern Alberta, you can get a pack of Protect Alberta Parks CPAWS stickers featuring stickers from https://www.amandaschutz.com/! (until supplies runs out!)

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What is the issue?

Alberta Parks announced the removal of 164 parks sites and the closure of 20 sites in early March. CPAWS Northern and Southern Alberta chapters have been pushing for this decision to be reversed.


20 parks will be completely or partially closed immediately.

164 parks have been identified for removal from the parks system and potential privatization.

Other impacts include closing visitor centres, discontinuing popular groomed cross-country ski trails, shortening the operating season for many campgrounds and increasing camping and service fees at all sites.

The government plans on selling or transferring parks to private partners to manage some of the sites removed from the parks system, citing First Nations, municipalities and non-profit societies as possible managers. However, it is unlikely that many non-profit groups have the resources to adequately take care of these areas. Sites without interest from a private partner could still be removed from the parks system completely and revert to vacant public land - something that could lead to industrial resource extraction instead of conservation.

We are asking you to let your MLA know that you do not support these changes or the loss of parks.

Speak with your MLA:

Let them know that you do not support the closure of 20 Alberta parks sites, nor the removal of 164 parks from the Alberta Parks system.

Find out who your MLA is here: https://streetkey.elections.ab.ca/. It is easy to call the office. You can even leave a message, either on their answering machine or with a staff member. If you would like you can request a follow-up.

Remember, your MLA represents you. Tell them why you personally care about this issue, and how it impacts you.

For more information on the issue, check out our blog: https://cpawsnab.org/alberta-parks-fact-check/