Action Alert: Tell the Government to REJECT Teck Frontier Mine

This month the Government of Canada will approve or reject the massive 290 sq-km Teck Frontier oil sands mine project in northern Alberta. This project is a serious danger to our boreal forest and poses risks that cannot be ignored. If approved, the mine will threaten Wood Buffalo National Park, key species at risk, and Canada’s ability to reach its climate commitments. Nature can’t afford to support this project. 

Two weeks ago, the federal government concluded that the threatened Wood Bison are facing imminent danger to their recovery, specifically pointing out that one herd would lose a large portion of its range to this mine. Approval of the Teck Frontier Mine would undoubtedly threaten the recovery of this important species.

It is clear that rejecting the mine is in the public interest. A rejection would acknowledge the negative impacts on species at risk and increased carbon emissions outweigh the potential positive benefits of this project.  Rejecting the project ensures a healthy future for our boreal forest and the communities that depend on this region. 

It is up to decision makers to do what’s right.

Help us send the message that  

Let’s show them Canadians care about protecting nature and tackling climate change, and want this project rejected. Let’s overwhelm their inboxes on Monday morning with the message SAY NO TO TECK FRONTIER!  Will you help us?

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