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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

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We are a network of individuals and groups working together on shared concerns. AEN members include individuals and representatives from member groups that connect, collaborate and share information.

The AEN is a link between the environmental community and government, industry, the media and all Albertans.

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Board’s refusal to hear environmental group’s appeal of water licence decision still unexplained after five months

Southern Alberta Environmental Group
Box 383, Lethbridge AB T1J 3Y7

News Release
November 5, 2004

For Immediate Release

Government Board’s refusal to hear environmental group’s appeal of water licence decision still unexplained after five months. This is not responsible government.

Five months after deciding to dismiss an appeal by the Southern Alberta Environmental Group (SAEG) of an irrigation district water licence amendment, Alberta’s Environmental Appeal Board (the Board) has yet to provide reasons. The Board has informed SAEG that it is “compelled to meet other timelines”. Read More

Hearing of Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort’s Appeal of Clearwater County’s Decision

Media Notice

November 8, 2004

At 9:30 on Tuesday, November 9, 2004, 1006335 Alberta Inc.’s application for Leave (permission) to appeal the County of Clearwater’s decision to refuse a development permit for the Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort which they proposed to build in the Whitegoat Lakes Development Node west of Nordegg will be heard in the Federal Court of Appeal, Room 513 (5th floor) Tower 1, Scotia Place, Edmonton.


The application for leave states that “the Appellant has grounds to appeal on questions of law or jurisdiction with respect to the said Decision of Read More

Controversial Alberta open-pit coal mine project faces next legal challenge

Conservation groups argue project will destroy sensitive migratory bird habitat

Sierra Legal Defence Fund &#149 Nature Canada &#149 Sierra Club of Canada &#149 Pembina Institute &#149 Jasper Environmental Association &#149 Alberta Wilderness Association
November 2, 2004

EDMONTON, AB – A coalition of Canadian conservation groups announced today that they are launching another legal challenge of the controversial Cheviot Coal Mine Project underway near Jasper National Park, Alberta. The groups argue that the federal government’s recent authorization of the first part of the mine, called the Cheviot Creek Development, should be quashed because it would result in the destruction of sensitive migratory bird habitat – directly contravening the federal Migratory Bird Conventions Act. Read More

Canada must take lead on Convention on Hazardous Waste

Stop Undermining Ban on Hazardous Waste Movement to Developing Countries

Press Release
Sierra Club of Canada
October 25th 2004

Ottawa: The Sierra Club of Canada today called on the Canadian government to stop its opposition to restrictions on international hazardous waste shipments, and to take a lead on crucial issues at the 7th Conference of the Parties (COP), being held this week in Geneva, Switzerland.

Canada, along with Australia, the United States and others, has for over a decade opposed the inclusion of the “Basel Ban” that would prohibit the movement of hazardous waste from industrialized countries to other Read More


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