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MMT On Its Way Out in Canada

Sierra Club of Canada

December 16th, 2004

(Ottawa) The controversial fuel additive, MMT, may finally be disappearing from Canadian gas. A recent survey by Sierra Club of Canada revealed that virtually every major refiner of gasoline in Canada has started phasing out MMT, a manganese based replacement for lead. Like lead, manganese is neuro-toxic. MMT is also a threat to air quality due to its propensity to gum up catalytic converters in automobiles. MMT results in more air pollution. Its health and environmental threats led the Government to ban it in the late 1990s. However, various trade challenges, including Chapter 11 of NAFTA, resulted in the repeal of the legislation. Nevertheless, pressure from the car makers, environmentalists and health protection groups has not disappeared. Read more about MMT On Its Way Out in Canada

Wildlands Advocate -- December 2004

The December 2004 issue of Wild Lands Advocate
is now available at www.AlbertaWilderness.ca

Inside this Issue:

Coal Bed Methane Comes to Rumsey:
Can Alberta's Best Aspen Parkland Protected Area Survive?
By Dr. Shirley Bray

Triumph of the Commons:
The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation
By Dr. Valerius Geist

Alberta Wilderness Watch

  • New Report: Primrose-Lakeland Worthy of Protection
    by Dr. Ian Urquhart

  • Forest Succession on Seismic Lines, Wellsites and Roads
Read more about Wildlands Advocate -- December 2004>

Appeal Court Judge Denies Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort Permission to Appeal

Alberta League for Environmentally Responsible Tourism

December 1, 2004

In a decision released yesterday, the Honourable Justice Berger dismissed an application by 1006335 Alberta Inc. for leave to appeal the decision of
the Clearwater County Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB).

In their June 2004 decision, the SDAB had denied 1006355 Alberta Inc. a development permit for their proposed Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort.

The Appeal Court Judge denied permission to appeal the SDAB’s decision because the appeal would have little chance of success.

The Judge found that the main basis for the SDAB’s decision was the lack of information provided by the proponent. The Appeal Court decision states, “the results of any appeal to this Court would, in my opinion, not result in a reversal of the SDAB. In summary, the evidentiary deficiencies noted by the SDAB are incapable of being overcome.” Read more about Appeal Court Judge Denies Abraham Glacier Wellness Resort Permission to Appeal

Action Alert: The Trans-Canada Twinning Plan for Banff National Park

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Calgary/Banff Chapter

To its credit, Parks Canada has arrived at a plan for the further
twinning and improvement of the Trans-Canada Highway that we at CPAWS
feel we can support. The plan includes provisions for highway fencing
and the construction of a series of 18 wildlife crossing structures
designed and located as prescribed by good-quality science.

There are, however, several within the commercial community in Banff
National Park who are publicly voicing their reservations about the Read more about Action Alert: The Trans-Canada Twinning Plan for Banff National Park


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