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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

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Activist Agenda -- May 17th, 2005

The May 17th Edition of Activist Agenda is now available for download (PDF, 132KB).

"Please send me any events that you think should be listed in the Activist Agenda. Please try to send me the information in the same format as I tend to us. This will make it easier for me to compile the AA.

All items to be listed in Our Voice Magazine need to be in before the middle of the preceding month – i.e. April 15th for the May issue. Thank you"

– Michael, [email protected]

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Concern for Alberta’s Foothills raised at Victoria’s Secret AGM

Company asked not to buy from Endangered Forests

Bighorn Country Wildlands Coalition
Federation of Alberta Naturalists
Sierra Club of Canada

EDMONTON: Representing a local coalition and Alberta conservation groups active in Alberta’s Foot­hills, Rebecca Reeves will speak at the annual shareholders meeting of Victoria Secret’s parent com­pany, Limited Brands, in Columbus, Ohio today. She will make a statement on the urgent need for parks, restoration efforts and other legislated protected areas in the public Forest Reserves of Alberta’s most southerly extension of the Canadian Boreal, known as the Foot­hills Natural Region. She’ll ask the company to encourage West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., one of their pulp suppliers, to not log in the Bighorn Country and Little Smoky Endangered Forests of west-central Alberta and to commit to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification for all their holdings in the Foothills. Read more about Concern for Alberta’s Foothills raised at Victoria’s Secret AGM

Sustainable Calgary's State of Our City Report 2004 is Now Available

We are pleased to announce the official release of Sustainable Calgary's State of Our City Report 2004. It is available on our website at http://www.sustainablecalgary.ca/pages/statereport.htm.

If you would like a hard copy of the report you can drop by our offices at Suite 201 - 1225a Kensington Rd. NW and purchase a copy for $10. Charging this nominal fee for the report will enable Sustainable Calgary to help cover some costs for future related programs (described below), and encourages readers to access the report online to save paper. Read more about Sustainable Calgary's State of Our City Report 2004 is Now Available

Boreal Market News Volume 3; Issue 5: May 16, 2005

Published by CPAWS - Edmonton Chapter (www.cpaws-edmonton.org)

1.  Joint initiative will take "Caribou Nation" to the Canadian public and international buyers of Canadian forest products; Alberta´s draft Caribou Recovery Plan criticized.
Today at a national meeting on the recovery of woodland caribou conservationists released a new educational report entitled Caribou Nation that documents the urgent situation facing this Canadian icon.  The report will be distributed not only throughout Canada, but also to international buyers of Canadian forest products, which have repeatedly exhibited concern for the welfare of Canada's forests and wildlife. A companion website can be found at www.caribounation.org <http://www.caribounation.org> .  Sierra Club Canada also recently released an evaluation of Alberta´s draft Caribou Recovery Plan concluding that it fails to adequately address key industrial threats facing caribou today. Read more about Boreal Market News Volume 3; Issue 5: May 16, 2005

Action Alert: Development at National Park Ski Areas

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society - Calgary/Banff Chapter

Please forward this note to anyone who may be interested.

It is time once again to remind our federal decision-makers that the importance of Canada's national parks lies in the glories of nature, and not in commercial outlets and parking lots. Sunshine Ski Area in Banff has started a postcard campaign calling for loosening of the development restrictions under which it and all national park ski areas operate. Its goal is to enlarge its parking lot, and in doing so to carve yet further into the natural habitat of Banff National Park. It may also be trying to set a precedent for all sorts of new commercial development on the ski area leases and perhaps elsewhere in the parks. In the past Canadian have said loud and clear that they do not want their national parks abused in this way, and that message has been reflected in federal policy. Now we have to make sure that policy holds firm. Read more about Action Alert: Development at National Park Ski Areas

Department Of Fisheries And Oceans Secretly Reducing Protection Of Fish Habitat

Alberta Wilderness Association

News Release: May 11, 2005

Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA) has learned that Canada's Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has been secretly developing plans to reduce protection of the aquatic environment. Documents were sent anonymously to Martha Kostuch, Vice-President of the Friends of the Oldman River.

"The Modernizing Compliance Initiative came as the result of an expenditure review exercise that was carried out in complete secrecy from staff, unions and the Canadian Public," notes Kostuch. "The department is still trying to quietly undertake this initiative, reducing both the level of service to Canadians and the level of protection of the aquatic environment. This becomes clearer when comparing the information available to staff on DFO's Intranet website to the information provided to the public on DFO's public website." Read more about Department Of Fisheries And Oceans Secretly Reducing Protection Of Fish Habitat

Action Alert re: Protection of Fish Habitat

The Fisheries Act is one of the strongest and most important environmental acts in Canada. As you can see from the media release which follows this Action Alert, DFO is planning to decrease protection of fish habitat.

What can you do?

  1. Distribute this media release or do your own media release.
  2. Call, write, fax, email or meet with members of Parliament and the Senate and ask them to oppose both the proposed reduction in funding for protection of fish habitat and the Modernizing Compliance Initiative which would result in the cutting of 80 Fishery Officers and 42 Habitat Management Positions.
  3. Ask to be consulted about any proposed changes related to fish habitat protection and about any proposed changes to the Fisheries Act. (Rumors are that a new Fisheries Act is going to be tabled in the fall.)
Read more about Action Alert re: Protection of Fish Habitat>

Bow Riverkeeper News - May 8, 2005

Bow Riverkeeper [email protected]

  1. Announcing the Big Bow Float: A Centennial Canoe Voyage
  2. Report Release: "People to Water, Water to People" Discussion Paper
  3. Bow Riverkeeper Presents at Glenbow Museum Terrific Tuesday Talk
  4. Release of the State of the Basin Report 2005:
  5. Time for Spring Plantings: Consider the "Healthy Yards" Program
  6. Report Release: Balancing Act: Water Conservation and Economic Growth
  7. Resource: Case Study on North Saskatchewan River Watershed
  8. Alberta Environment's Most Recent Water Act Applications
  9. Donate to Bow Riverkeeper and Receive Magazine Subscription
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