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The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province.

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Connecting Alberta’s environmental groups

We are a network of individuals and groups working together on shared concerns. AEN members include individuals and representatives from member groups that connect, collaborate and share information.

The AEN is a link between the environmental community and government, industry, the media and all Albertans.

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Albertans and environmental groups are welcome to join the AEN as members – there are memberships for both individuals and groups. Members contribute to preserving and protecting Alberta’s environment by sharing information and collaborating on shared issues. Learn more about becoming a member of the AEN.

The AEN supports an inclusive and diverse environmental community for all Albertans. 

Call for Comments: Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Human Health: Lead

Draft Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Human Health: Lead
30 Jul 2020

Draft Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Human Health: Lead are available for public review and comment until July 30, 2020.

Scientific Criteria Document

Fact Sheet

The draft provisional guidelines revise the 1999 Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines for lead for the protection of human health only. The soil quality guidelines for lead for the protection of environmental health have not been revised. Read More

New report on the intersection of the Polluter Pays Principle and insolvency laws

At the Environmental Law Centre blog, Jason Unger writes about the "polluter pays principle" and its intersection with the economic challenges Alberta faces resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and low energy prices.

…it remains unclear how our society will uphold and promote the polluter pays principle, not only today and tomorrow but well into the future.

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Protecting Canada's Fresh Water

Creation of a Canada Water Agency
31 May 2021

From the Environment and Climate Change Canada website:

Share your ideas about current and future freshwater management challenges in Canada and the role a new Canada Water Agency could play in keeping our freshwater resources safe, clean and well-managed for generations to come.

How to participate

Visit our website

Share your ideas or comments by visiting our PlaceSpeak site.

Send us an email

Submit your comments by email to [email protected].

Consultation goal

The Government of Canada, through Environment and Climate Change Canada and support from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, is seeking public input on freshwater challenges in Canada and how a Canada Water Agency can further protections for Canada’s freshwater resources.

Over the course of this consultation, we will be publishing discussion aids and posing specific questions on our PlaceSpeak site to find out what Canadians would like to see in this new Agency and how we can further protections for Canada’s most important resource.

Share your ideas or comments Read More

New Waste Management reports from the Environmental Law Centre

The Environmental Law Centre has published two new reports on waste management and reduction in Alberta.

Good Riddance: Waste Management Law in Alberta is the 3rd Edition of the ELC's primer on the waste management system in Alberta. The report includes five sections covering (1) Legal Concepts and Institutions, (2) Waste Management & the Law, (3) Types of Waste, (4) Recycling, and (5) Import & Export of Waste.


Extended Producer Responsibility: Designing the Regulatory Framework is a detailed look at the extended producer responsibility [“EPR”] model of waste management, and the potential application of EPR in Alberta's waste management system.


Environmental reporting rules in Alberta modified during COVID-19 outbreak

By Jeff Wiehler

Three ministerial orders introduced at the end of March modified environmental reporting requirements in Alberta, citing challenges of complying with routine reporting during the COVID-19 outbreak. Following those ministerial orders, the Alberta Energy Regulator released two decisions on May 20 to suspend operators' monitoring requirements due to health and safety concerns during the pandemic. Read More


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