2008 AEN Spring Training Program

Thank you for your interest in the AEN's 2008 Spring Training Program. The goal of the Program is to provide Alberta environmental organizations with the skills needed to succeed in their work. Navigating the political system effectively and being successful in negotiations are two necessary skills for anyone working on public policy issues.

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Training Session Details

Navigating the Alberta Political System with Paul McLaughlin

May 24th
9:30am — 4:30pm
Strathcona Community League, Edmonton

Alberta Government expert Paul McLaughlin will provide an overview of Alberta Government decision-making with an eye on how policy works its way through government. Whether you work directly in negotiations with government, or are influencing it from the outside; figuring out the system is the first step in achieving success on your issues . This workshop provides valuable insight around effective timing and focus. This workshop will be followed with a 2-hour (time permitting) strategy session to discuss proactive strategies for integrating information.

Negotiation Training with the Consensus Building Institute

June 13th
9:30am — 4:30pm
Location TBA

Negotiation plays an essential role in decision-making around public issues. From advocating for policy change to organizing public events, all involved must be able to negotiate effectively to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, many believe that all negotiations must be “win-lose.” This can damage relationships and leave potential gains untapped. This workshop focuses on using the Mutual Gains Approach developed at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School. Our approach works — whether or not the other side insists upon a win-lose outcome.

These training sessions are open to representatives of AEN Member Groups only — please apply online, or by submitting a Letter of Interest outlining:

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • AEN Member group
  • Reasons for attending training sessions, including details of any relevant committees, programs, and negotiations that you are currently involved in.

Application Deadline — May 12th, 2008.

Send to:

Lindsay Telfer
Alberta Environmental Network
2 — 6328 104 Street NW
Edmonton AB T6H 2K9

Travel and accomodation expenses will be reimbursed in accordance with AEN travel support policies.