The Arctic Ocean: From Local to Global Concerns

French Ameri-Can Climate Talks - Oceans (FACT-O)

November 5, 2018 - 4:30pm to 8:30pm

On November 5, 2018, the French Ameri-Can Climate Talks - Oceans (FACT-O) will be traveling to Edmonton to hold a conference highlighting the impact of climate change on the Arctic Ocean from the perspectives of France and Canada. Held at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, the conference will welcome a variety of scientists, representatives of NGOs and institutions from France and Canada to discuss the issue in detail.

The panelists areSerge Segura, Marie-Noelle Houssais, Martin Raillard, Paul Myers and Duane Ningaqsiq Smith.

The event will be moderated by Mark Nuttall.

Stay after the conference to meet the panelists and continue the discussion around the Arctic Ocean with a glass of wine and some canapés.

The conference will be held in the ECHA Building, Room L1 190.


4:30 pm - Registration

5:00 pm - Welcoming remarks

5:15 pm Roundtable

6:45 pm - Discussion with the public

7:15 pm Closing remarks

7:30 pm - Cocktail reception

8:30 pm - Event end

How to get there? Please visit the website of the University of alberta.

For more information on FACT-O, please visit



Room L1 190
ECHA Building, University of Alberta
Edmonton , AB